Gareth Pon makes buildings look like a rocket being launched for space

Photographer Gareth Pon quite sharply reinvents the architecture around the world with his photography series, Where’s Waldo. Based on his interest in space travel, the photographer captures famous architectural pieces in a way that they seem like rockets on their way beyond this world. Pon’s meticulous framing, his detailed eye to symmetry, the depth he adds to the buildings and his unique perspective makes the buildings look like a piece of art. This is specifically apparent in the photograph that he took of a Hong Kong building, where Pon turned the multiple-storied building with balconies and air conditioners on repeat into a kaleidoscopic vision. This series will really make you see a more exciting side of the urban architecture around the world.

Space architecture Space architecture Space architecture Space architecture Space architecture

Image Credit: © Gareth Pon
Gareth Pon: Website | Instagram | Facebook
h/t: Colossal

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