These Galaxy Inspired makeup looks is the latest fashion trend!

It is no secret that people love to fantasize about the otherworldly experiences and things but very few of us will ever get so lucky to take a view of that in real life hence we move on to the next best option; adding a cosmic touch to otherwise mundane things. Makeup artists are surely not at all behind this trend and hence have introduced galaxy freckles for those who want to take their space obsession to a whole new level.

The galaxy freckles have been experimented by a lot of talented makeup artists, ranging from subtle to very dramatic makeup. These looks will definitely make you stand out from the crowd on cosplays and Halloween parties!

Image @lolo_hime

Image @-lunafortun

Image @-pastelheartfrenzy

Image @-xiaxue

Image @annatnatcha

Image @bravo_anna15

Image @briekt

Image @caileysy

Image @cosplayonwords

Image @crossjessing

Image @heyrevelist

Image @lara_vitti

Image @lonelyspaceprince

Image @lovejaycakes

Image @maanomeikkaa

Image @mirandahedman.

Image @nasminkajmilice

Image @netflix_and_chelle

Image @pupiirazoqui

Image @razaazura

Image @rui_win

Image @siennaartistry

Image @sillizicuni

h/t: My Modern Met

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