D-Mask gives a sneak-peek into the future of high-tech underwater diving masks

Underwater exploration devices tend to evolve at a very slow pace, especially when it comes to scuba diving gear. However, ZZJ-DDG is a Chinese designer who recently revealed a dive mask that could potentially revolutionize the world of underwater diving. The new mask introduces a number of technological aspects that provide ease of use and exploration.

In comparison to other diving masks, the D-Mask looks different and covers more portion of the face. Instead of concealing just the eyes and nose, the prototype covers the entire face, locking itself above the forehead and ending just below the mouth. The result is an unhindered 180-degree view of the sea around. However, this large glass lens doesn’t just provide a wide view; it also functions as a projection point for a built-in head-up display that provides the diver with data related to current depth, location, remaining oxygen levels, water temperatures and other know-hows that would make scuba diving and snorkeling more easier and fun.

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Furthermore, unlike traditional masks, this one is much more comfortable to wear, as it’s a better fit and touches more points of the face. The D-Mask also allows a person to breathe more easily because the snorkel or regulator attaches to a part on the side of the mask instead of inside the mouth of the user. Not only that, the designer also included a feature of bone-conducting audio, where the diver could listen to music or communicate with other divers or people on the surface.

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Since little natural light reaches the depths of the ocean/sea, the model also comes with built-in LED lighting to help navigate in the dark, and a digital camera for capturing your underwater adventures! If you ever want to share your experience with the world, a synchronized mobile app for a smartphone will also let you share photos and videos you captured to social media outlets.

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As cool as it sounds, this mask is sadly just a concept for now. The brain behind it still hasn’t disclosed whether it will ever become a real product any time soon. ZJ-DDJ claimed that there are still many design problems including the face shield fogging up when a person breathes in it. However, if it does go on sale any time soon, it would definitely cause a stir in the underwater exploration body.

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