Future cars to feature smart rechargeable tires

With automobile technology developing and establishing new concepts for future cars, we have a lot of car functions being made automatic and/or rechargeable. These upgrades cover most of the features of automobiles; however, ‘tires’ are a feature that haven’t been worked upon yet. Every single car uses tires and to avoid waiting for cars’ tires to be changed at tire shops, we either will have to introduce levitation technology in automobiles or further polish the concept tires called  ‘reCharge concept tires’ from ‘Goodyear’. Goodyear is a tire company and they produce a variety of tires but now, the concept that they just introduced combines features of multiple tires in one single system!

Goodyear tire - Future Cars

These tires are going to have an inner re-loadable core compound with a capsule in it. These capsules are rechargeable and contain a biodegradable liquid or tread compound in them; this liquid is what essentially upgrades the tires.

Goodyear tire - Future Cars

Designed after taking inspiration from one of the strongest fibers in the world, the silk fiber, this tread compound is also made super strong, durable and sustainable. The tread compound from the capsules seeps out to form the tire treads. These tire treads are what give variety to the tire, and these are what can be controlled by the user – the treads can be customized according to the weather, location etc, which is exactly what makes the tires adjustable.

Another great feature is the development of a user profile. This user profile is the log that will store data about the tires such as how the tires can be made more suited to the users’ personal driving styles.

Goodyear tire - Future Cars

Giving users the complete control is exactly what defines futuristic concepts and future cars. Goodyear claims to be changing the future of electric mobility and they sure are doing so; as they introduce tires that are suited to every person’s individual needs and demands.

Images: © Goodyear

h/t: Designboom

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