French artist photographs the iconic french landscape in vivid yellow hues

God knows we all could do with some positivity in life and when it comes to representing positivity through colours, one would blindly choose yellow to do the job just right. French photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer did not really start with that motive when he began photographing for his series, Dordogne but the idyllic French landscape and the use of infrared photography technique more or less led the project to represent the beauty of life in a positive lens. The vivid yellow colour truly stands out in every single frame, transforming the iconic French locations such as Jardins Suspendus at Marqueyssac into a mystical place.

The use of infrared technique by the artist is primarily a trick to encourage the audience to view their surroundings in a different dimension and with a unique lens. “My goals are to invite contemplation, to realize the place of nature in urban places, to make aware of the impact of our environment on us, and our impact on the environment.”

yellow 6

yellow 2

yellow 1

yellow 7

yellow 3

yellow 4

Images: © Pierre-Louis Ferrer

h/t: Colossal

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