Freediver Guillaume Néry takes us on a journey around the oceans in this short film

Land trotters can easily talk about their strikingly different experiences in different countries and cities but when it comes to people who are more into experiencing the waters than the lands, they have barely anything to tell at all. Because, how can you describe the unimaginable and unique beauty of the oceans of the world to those who haven’t witnessed it themselves? World champion freediver Guillaume Néry and his freediver wife Julie Gautier however, do know when words fail, visuals help to narrate it all.  The couple has filmed Néry’s journey to the seas of France, Finland, Mexico, Mauritius, Japan, French Polynesia, and the Philippines in an enchanting short film and we just cannot get enough of it. The film is named One Breath Around the World because Néry gives you just a one-breath diving glimpse of the world underwater. One can see exceptional rock formations, sharks, whales and icy structures surrounding the diver in the whole 42 minutes film and we bet you’d want to see more of it once it ends.

Guillaume Néry: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

h/t: My Modern Met

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