Fjaðrárgljúfur, The Spellbinding Icelandic Canyon Will Leave You Awestruck

Iceland is nothing less than a piece of paradise on earth with its majestic and mesmeric scenic beauty. One such natural masterpiece of Iceland is the spellbinding Fjaðrárgljúfu Canyon in the south-east region of the country. The 330 feet deep and a quarter more than a kilometer-long canyon overlooks a sparkly blue river, Fjar that flows through it while the magnificent glaciers and lush green plains surround the canyon to further enhance its rustic beauty hence making Fjaðrárgljúfu undoubtedly the most beautiful canyon of the world and possibly, even of the heavens.

Image: Flickr

Image: Flickr / Lars Helge

Image: Flickr / Grétar Skúlason

Image: Flickr / Grétar Skúlason

Image: Flickr / Peter Waller

Image: Flickr / Andrés Nieto

Image: Flickr / Guðjón Ottó

Image: Flickr / kmccoolio

Image: Flickr / Hardcore Judas

Image: Flickr / Andrés Nieto

Image: Flickr / dmitri voyevoda

Image: Flickr / Michelangelo Ambrosini

Image: Flickr / Jack Poon

Flickr / James stannard

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