This Powerful Filtration Bottle Turns Coca-Cola into Clear, Colorless Water

We all know that the only thing that can quench our thirst is a glass of water!  However, a can of Coca Cola in the chiller always seems much more tempting.

So, what to buy? Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma! What if you could turn your Coca Cola into water just by passing it through a powerful filter?

Well, this Swiss company ÖKO has made use of the NASA filtration technology to create an ‘advanced filtration water bottle’ that turns sodas and cola into clear, colourless liquid! Initially, NASA had created this bottle from less dense material to provide ‘pure, fresh, and clean’ water to their consumers.

The company, ÖKO, offers three different sizes of water-filtering bottles in six unique designer colours, with three levels of filters! Quite fancy, no? The filters used by the company comprise of Upstream Valve that prevents backwashed fluid from re-entering the unfiltered water region for re-filtration.

OKO Filteration Bottle 1 OKO Filteration Bottle 3 OKO Filteration Bottle 4

Image Courtesy: Rocket News 24

Let’s understand this technology step by step, starting with the Level-1 filter. This filter is made up of carbon and so it removes the chlorine taste and odour. This leads to the production of clean and crisp tap water.

The Level-2 filter consists of more than four hundred micro-pores, and utilises a positively charged electro-absorption process which traps hazardous substances as water flows through it. NASA developed this technology keeping in mind the need to supply state-of-the-art water in space stations.

Coming down to Levell-3 filter, the last one, the filter is produced as per the need. Thus, its customised and manufactured in large volume for the treatment of known elements in water bodies that experience extreme environments and climate conditions.

All in all, it’s a pretty cool technology but will Coca Cola appreciate this? Stay tuned to find out!

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H/T: Rocket News 24

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