40 Famous Brand Logos With Hidden Messages

It’s always advisable for a company to have a logo that is somewhat relatable to its brand/product which is being marketed. A logo is often a brand’s first pitch to speak to its viewers on many levels, setting the tone of a company’s branding strategy, speaking the volumes of its identity, its values and target audience. Therefore, a logo design has to be a careful thought process so that it could serve its brand well.

A logo gives its brand a real identity therefore companies spend enormous time and money in search of that fine blend that could separate them from the rest. We already have come across hundreds of trademark logos cleverly conveying its brands identity. But most of us are unaware of the fact that each logo contains subtle features representing the brand’s history, products and motives.

Oomph analyzed 40 of the most famous logos and revealed the underlying information associated with them. Check them out below and share with us in the comment box that how many of these did you know before?


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