Enjoy this Go-Kart cum Luge experience at Skyline Luge, New Zealand!

Luging is one of the toughest sports played in the Olympics because it is in fact, very difficult to steer those tiny sleds safely on the slippery, icy track while lying on your back the whole time. However, if you want to skip all those hardships and want to simply have fun while luging then the Skyline Luge in Queensland, New Zealand is the place for you! All you need is a helmet and short training that lasts for a couple of minutes to go on a downhill race course on a luge-like-sled which is easily steered like a go-kart. You can even race with others on this extremely fun Skyline Luge.

Can’t imagine it being so simple and safe? See the video below to experience it with the eyes of YouTuber, Lewis Knights who shot his whole luge experience by placing a GoPro Hero 3+ to his helmet.

Video / Embed

h/t: Laughing Squid

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