The eco-friendly ‘Green Disc’ serves as a lube for bike chain

This little eco-friendly green disc by Drivt Bike is able to lubricate your bike automatically by holding it between your fingers, pressing it onto your chains and rotating the crank. The wheel functions as both, a lube for bike chain and an applicator. When it rotates, it applies the optimum amount of lubricant that your wheels require and absorbs all the fine metal abrasion resulting in less mess.

During rotation, the soft lubricator wheel is pressed against the bike chain which allow the lube to seep through and penetrate between the plates and over the rollers up to the pins. Once it’s completely filled, it has the ability to lubricate the bike chain up to ten times. Not only the lubricator wheel is interchangeable but also biodegradable, being entirely made of natural raw materials, at the end of its lifecycle.

Lube for bike chain

This lube saves the environment and your storage

The environmentally friendly and biodegradable chain lube does not compromise on quality as it offers excellent adhesive power and smooth running with minimal noise disruption. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the oil leakage from inside the disc when you carry it around with you.

The green disc is a modified version of the original LUBRI DISC which has even won the ‘German Design Award 2020’ for its innovative functionality.

Lube for Bike Chain

The green disc works on the same concept as that of LUBRI Disc but offers 25% more storage volume, has a new locking mechanism that saves up on raw materials saves in addition to being extremely easy and convenient to use. It also saves up to 90% of the chain lube making it even more efficient and eco-friendly.

The diameter and thickness of the green disc have been well adjusted to give more volume. Furthermore, a mechanical closing system ensures that the disc does not require neodymium magnets used in the original version.

Easy usage of the lube with all sorts of common oil

The disc can be used with either any type of common oil conventionally used for lubrication or the eco-friendly bio chain lube can be purchased along with it. Either way, efficiency of the disc is not compromised. Additionally, it can also go around and work with all kinds of bicycle chains and is also easily refillable. Having only 40 grams of weight, makes it easier to take along with you anywhere. However, waxes and solvent-based lubricants need to be avoided.

Lube for Bike Chain

The lubricator wheel is long lasting but if a replacement is required then you can purchase one and have it delivered to your doorstep. Bicycle chains usually require a set amount of care and lubrication so that they do not rust as it leads to a lot of wear and tear which essentially causes the bicycle to lose life. With Green Disc lube for bike chain, you can ensure that the performance of your bike remains top notch and you’re in for a smooth ride!

How the Green Disc chain lube is saving the environment?

All chain lubes when washed off, seep into the ground and further into the soil which causes them to become major contaminants. Many of the high-tech lubricants like PFTE, molybdenum disulphide and graphite contain high levels of chemical additives, all of which are bound to stir trouble in the soil and the groundwater. By avoiding all such products and using the ‘Green Disc’ instead since it is made up of plants and degradable additives, you are doing your part for the environment.


Delivery of this bike chain lube is extremely safe and virus free 

After a lot of research, prototyping and testing the Green Disc is ready for shipment. Once the Kickstarter campaign ends, a survey invitation will be sent via email so you can get your exact shipment and pick your own rewards. The rewards will be shipped insured and you will be able to track your shipment. The Green Disc is originally manufactured in Germany and supplying can be switched from location to location as per the current COVID-19 situation. However, considering the current dynamics, let’s see how far this will go. The products undergo high heating and are completely sterile and will not be unsafe for you or your family.

All Images: © Drivt via Kickstarter

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