EAV aims to make cargo delivery eco-friendly with electric-assisted quadricycles

As the world is taking steps towards a better future, our choice of vehicles is the first thing that developers look towards in terms of sustainability without losing efficiency. Recently, a UK-based company has brought these ideas into effect through their new electric quadricycles.

The company, which is called Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited or EAV, made the announcement regarding this quadricycle in the eBike Summit recently held in Oxford. The vehicle was named Project 1 eCargo bike or only P1.

This environmentally friendly design of P1 could very well mean a revolution in the world of product home delivery. It is a pod coated in a composite made from hemp and cashews with a range of 7-20 miles depending on the size of the battery with little to no carbon emissions. The P1 is 6.5 feet in length and 3.4 feet in width size wise and can easily navigate through winding traffic and roads without creating congestion. It can also maneuver easily through tight streets and alleyways. The P1 can also cut down on time by using cycling paths.

EAV Project 1 P1 Pedal Electric Cargo Quadricycle
Credit: EAV

This four-wheel vehicle has a 250-watt motor with a pedal which allows the driver added assistance in propulsion. A thumb throttle allows the driver to rest from the constant pedaling and keeps the vehicle going at about 10km/h (6mph). A turn crank assisted by pedal adds the extra electric impulse required for longer journeys. All of this, it is to be remembered, the P1 manages without carbon emissions.

The batteries are chargeable and the P1 compatible with all charging stations. Its batteries can even be charged offsite due to being removable.

The P1 can carry up to 150 kg (330 lb) of weight in its secure rear-end pod. This pod extends to cover the driver as well, which is a helpful feature during rainy weather because it shields the driver from the harshness of the climate. The sides are open, but future designs with side doors would make it an ideal delivery vehicle even for winter weather.

The company is currently working to make the P1 completely weather resistant. It is also looking into options to extend the vehicle to include more than one passenger without compromising its environmentally friendly features. The company hopes that they would be able to accommodate the vehicles for more than just home delivery and that P1 could be rented with an app.

EAV Project 1 P1 Pedal Electric Cargo Quadricycle
Credit: EAV

Managing Director of EAA, Nigel Gordon-Stewart said that the P1 was a step in the direction of ‘mobility solutions.’ He went on to say that all the vehicles they would introduce would be functional, environmentally friendly, and fun to use. He considered the P1 a fresh design.

One of UK’s leading parcel delivery companies, DPD, worked alongside EAV to produce the P1 and it is their hope that they will be able to create more vehicles along similar lines. This project will be tested in London this summer.

Sources: EAV, DPD (via: Design Boom)

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