The Easiest and the Toughest Languages of the World for English Speakers to Learn [INFOGRAPHIC]

This world is full of wonders and one of its wonders are the gazillion languages that are being spoken in different parts of the world. Apart from one native/national language of a particular country, several regional and local languages are too in operation within that particular country, serving the purpose of communication. This takes the language count from across the globe close to infinity and trying to learn all these languages is virtually an improbable task.

Voxy.com put together an insightful infographic encompassing the notable languages of the world broken down into easy, medium and hard language categories. This infographic provides an estimate of the time a native English speaker would take to attain speaking and reading proficiency in the easiest as well as the toughest languages of the world. The infographic also accounts for the total number of native speakers for a particular language shown.

Easiest and Toughest Languages Infographic

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