DutchCraft unveiled its modular yacht DC25 in Düsseldorf

DutchCraft just premiered their new and second yacht which can be used for a lot of purposes. This yacht serves all requirements that any sailor from this day and age might need. Called DutchCraft25, or the DC25, it can be switched from and into any of its operational modes with ease. The operational modes include it functioning as a breezy, leisure and sports tender, family cruiser, Guest, crew & luggage shuttle, Groceries & garbage shuttle, Scuba diving platform, Sports fishing boat and a Toy Carrier. New Atlas calls it as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. The boat essentially is as tender, as it is designed to support other boats.

DutchCraft DC25 Yacht

“Combined with a robust and practical hull the DC25 guarantees an ‘easy boating’ experience for owners, year after year.” – Says DutchCraft.

The yacht is designed with great efficiency. It is just above 8metres / 26 feet long and has a large deck space. The rails are simple and deck-mounted. The boat is designed to be very flexible – this can be credited to its rail system which has rails installed longitudinally and into the deck. This allows owners to easily attach or remove cargo and other equipment.

DutchCraft DC25 Yacht

The boat is supported by a battery that is 89kWh and gives a maximum speed of 32kn (nautical mile per hour) and a continuous power of 100kW. It can hit a high power of 135kW for 20 minutes maximum, when needed. You can also get optional batteries of 112kWh & 134kWh. The boat has a range of 32 knots (59 km/h) for about 75 minutes, and can go on for 6 hours at 6 knots (11 km/h) if slowly cruising. At a time, 12 people can stay on the DC25.

DutchCraft DC25 Yacht 9 DutchCraft DC25 Yacht 8

The system is made very fine – there is no loud noise of the boat and it has a great environmentally-considerate propulsion system. The DC25 yacht has a very convenient design for passengers to get off the boat; there is a hanging bow door, which settles onto the shore and the passengers can just walk on it to get to the shore.

DutchCraft DC25 Yacht 5 DutchCraft DC25 Yacht 6

The yacht debuted in January 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany at the Boot Düsseldorf International Boat Show. It is being sold at a starting price of €275,000 which is approx. equal to US$297,000. DutchCraft is also planning to introduce another version of the DC25 that is more modern and stylish and offers better weather protection.

Images: © DutchCraft
h/t: New Atlas

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