Dutch artist signifies the cross-over between man and nature through her recent installation

Living in our secluded manmade world, we mostly tend to forget how everything that we use to separate ourselves from the nature is actually a gift of nature in itself. Artists Karin van der Molen depicts this connection between natural and manmade elements perfectly in the latest site-specific installation at the Le Rayolet in the botanical garden Domaine du Rayol. Molen’s installation consist of a stream of wooden chairs flowing out of the villas windows and then slowly transforming into the wooden logs that served as the main source of chair’s creation. The aptly named installation, Flux transforms from solid to fluid as it builds on the cross-over of nature and man that seems to make up this world.

chair 4

chair 2

chair 3

chair 6

chair 5

Image: © Karin van der Molen

h/t: Colossal

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