Domiri Captures Mesmerizing and Intricate Architecture of Iran’s Mosques

We are all aware of the huge importance of places of worship of every religion throughout the history due to the religion as well as due to their magnificent and unique architecture. Some of these architectural wonders are immensely popular as tourist sites all around the world such as, temples in India, Thailand and Rome however, very few people know about the beautiful Iranian mosques.

23-year-old Iranian photographer, Mohammad Domiri has captured the exquisite mosques of Iran and Middle East in all their glory. The mosques, Vakil Mosque, Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, Chehel Sotoun, Seyyed Mosque, and Aliqapu Palace, have not been previously photographed due to religious bans but thanks to Domiri, the photographs will surely work as a catalyst to attract tourists from all around the world. The historical mosques that date back to 1750s are covered with intriguing geometric patterns, intricate mosaics and colourful stained windows. Moreover, the spiral columns and arches further enhance the splendor of these ancient religious buildings.

These mosques are truly heaven on earth for those who have genuine interest in architecture but you do not need to be a tasteful art critique to be mesmerized by the colours and patterns found in these historical structures.

mosque 1
mosque 2
mosque 3
mosque 4
mosque 6
mosque 14
mosque 20
mosque 21
mosque 22
mosque 23
mosque 25
mosque 13
mosque 17
mosque 15
mosque 24
Iran Mosques 3
mosque 18
mosque 8
mosque 10
mosque 16
mosque 26
mosque 12
mosque 9
mosque 11
Images: © Mohammad Domiri

H/T: Daily Mail

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