Digital artist creates fascinating images by blending stock images with his enchanting imagination

Producing surrealist images unquestionably requires the highest degree of imagination and creativity however, very few can master the art of bringing life to surrealist images with an unbound link of realism. The 22-year-old artist, Justin Peters has become an expert in generating such artwork through digital manipulation.

Peters starts his creative process by collecting realist yet unexpected elements from stock photography sites and then spins them around with his strong sense of imagination. In the end, he uplifts his digital art by including a tinge of raw emotion in his photograph’s subject and this gives the final touch to all his masterpieces. The artist plays with various elements of science and nature to create the compositions that seem to show a different world altogether. Each composition appears to have a personal charm of subtle yet overpowering surrealism that takes the viewers by surprise and to be fair, the surprise sure is unexpected but always a pleasant one. Scroll down to lose yourself in Peters’ exceptionally fascinating imaginary world.

digital art 14

digital art 2

digital art 15

digital art 11

digital art 9

digital art 4

digital art 19

digital art 13

digital art 3

digital art 17

digital art 20

digital art 6

digital art 1

digital art 5

digital art 1

digital art 16

digital art 7

digital art 8

digital art 12

digital art 18

Images: © Justin Peters

Justin Peters: Website | Behance | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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