David McCracken Installs Infinite Stairway To Heaven In Australia

Part of the annual event known as Sculpture by the Sea, in Bondi, Australia, the sculpture that took everyone’s attention by storm belonged to the artist David McCracken who created an installation that looks like an endless stairway to heaven. However, in reality, the installation is nothing but a trick of optical illusion that the artist plays on the public to create a perception of surreal escape to the heaven with just a few steps of aluminum staircase. Check out the pictures of the sculpture, aptly named as Diminish and Ascend to experience the illusionary escape to the outer space yourself!

Leighton Wallis 1 Custom

Image: Leighton Wallis

Matthew Perkins Custom

Image: Matthew Perkins

goranhas Custom

Image: Goranhas

Brett Bayliss Custom

Image: Brett Bayliss

William Patino Custom

Image: William Patino

Paul David Custom

Image: Paul David

References: Colossal, My Modern Met

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