CleanAir smart furnace filters send alert to your phone whenever need changing

It would be a matter of great nuisance if one forgot to recall about changing the air filter in your furnace. One might change it before or after its actual requirement. CleanAir.ai is a Toronto based company which is providing with the new solution in the form of Alvi furnace filter with its “smart” features.

The Alvi furnace filter comprises of two main functional parts: the central unit which is a reusable unit, and single-use filter cartridges. The operational system is quite simple and works very efficiently. The functional system involves the insertion of a cartridge by users within the unit of main supply, after that plugging of the power cord from the unit into an electric supply, further operation of furnace’s filtration is carried out by inserting the cartridge or unit into the slot. A polarized electromagnetic field is created by the unit that makes the dust, pollen, mold and other particles present in the air to clot together into bigger ones. These larger particles are then further extracted by the mesh of filter cartridge, which results in high air purification as per HEPA-standard air purification.

Alvi Smart Furnace Filter 2

Credit: CleanAir.ai

Alvi utilizes specialized air flow and optical sensors to transmit data to a cloud-based server using a unified Wi-Fi module. A machine learning algorithm further analyzes the data that informs about the replacement of filter when the cartridge becomes full of curd. The users are alerted through an iOS or an Android app about the replacement of filters. Users can also place orders for new cartridges as per requirement via accompanying android app. Alvi is also compatible with smart home systems such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

CleanAir also pushes the idea that since your furnace will never be pushing air through clogged filters, this will significantly result in lowering of users’ energy bills.

Alvi Smart Furnace Filter 1

Credit: CleanAir.ai

If you find Alvi an exciting prospect, then you can back Alvi’s fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. You can get a set of two main units along with a set of two filter cartridges for a pledge of US$499. The estimated retail price for an Alvi unit is $289, and $25 per cartridge and are good for around four to six months usage.

Source Indiegogo CleanAir.ai
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