Citroën Ami is an all-electric compact car that you can rent for just $22 a month

Citroën introduced Ami during this year’s Geneva Motor Show, a compact, all-electric car that was a concept car till last year and is planned to be released this year in spring. Ami has been classified as an electric quadricycle making it feasible for even 14-year-olds to drive it since it won’t require a driving license. Ami is a two-seater vehicle that looks like something out of a children’s car playset.

Citroën Ami 5

Citroën Ami is as tiny as just as 2.4 meters long. It offers a subscription sort of payment plan that lets you rent the car for about $22 a month with a startup payment of $2,919 (€2,644). Purchasing the car would cost around $6,592 (€6,000). The car also offers a share option with a program called free2move which cost about 20US cents per minute on top of the monthly subscription of $10.90. The car suits best to narrow city streets and does not go above a speed of 45km/h and is short enough to be parked head-on to a curb and since it is not precisely recognized as a motor vehicle, the driver will not be asked to be identified as a licensed driver.

Citroën Ami 4

Citroën Ami 6

Beneath the floor is a 5.5kwh battery that has a range of 70km or 43 miles and is fully recharged within 3 hours from a normal socket. The company has decided to keep the high tech features on the car to a minimum so in case one would want to listen to music he would need his own phone and Bluetooth speakers hence even the interior is basic. The outer design of the car is plain with two symmetrical doors, windows and underbody paneling.

Citroën Ami 1

Citroën Ami 7

Citroën is taking pre-orders in France starting from the 30th of March followed by Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, and Germany. The first deliveries are expected to take place by June but the car-sharing version will be available in Paris by spring.

Image Courtesy: Citroën
h/t: Designboom

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