Chinese company takes everyone by surprise by building a 350ft Waterfall on a skyscrapper

Nature never stops to amaze us with its beauty but Chinese construction company, Guizhou Ludiya Property Management has almost come shoulder to shoulder with nature by building an artificial 350 ft waterfall on a skyscraper located in Guiyang.

The waterfall does look magnificent and as amazing as a natural one however unlike a natural waterfall, this one comes at a steep price. The project requires 4 pumps to lift the water to a great height of 350 ft from which the water eventually falls down, creating the effect of a waterfall. The engineering challenges and the power requirements to make this possible cost more than $100 per hour, which slightly makes this attempt of creating a manmade waterfall quite extravagant. The construction company hence plans to turn on the waterfall only on special occasions and when the city is hosting an international event.

The 350 ft high artificial waterfall pours out of Guiyang skyscraper.

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A vivid rainbow forms as the sun shines through the waterfall, making up a spectacular view for the public.

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The project makes use of 4 pumps that lift the water up to provide for the waterfall.

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The pumping cost and engineering hurdles cause the waterfall to cost above $100 per hour.

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Hence the waterfall is turned on only on special occasions or when the city is hosting an international event.

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The residents are happy with the project since it increases the tourism potential of the region.

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However a contrasting opinion regarding the artificial waterfall declares it as an extravagant endeavor.

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Images: © Imaginechina

h/t: Daily Mail

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