Check out this interactive periodic table illustrating the daily life use of each element

It has always been difficult for nearly every middle-school science student to connect the theories with the practical world that we live in. One of such seemingly mythical things was obviously the periodic table that organized each element in the world according to their chemical properties and structures. The 19th century periodic table has however gotten a much-needed makeover by Boeing software engineer, Keith Enevoldsen which makes it more relevant to the students in today’s era.

The infographic titled as, The Periodic Tables of Elements, in Pictures and Words shows how each element is useful to us and where it can be found in our daily lives. Just check out the infographic to know how weirdly named elements such as, europium and indium are being used by us in one way or another!

Elements Pics w2000

Elements Pics Simple w2000

All images courtesy of Keith Enevoldsen // CC BY-SA 4.0

h/t: Mental Floss

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