Charge your gadgets on the go with this revolutionary backpack

Tech freaks do not let go of gadgets no matter where they are however, if they decide to be remote for an extended period of time then the situation gets tricky since you cannot really expect the gadgets to work forever without charging. Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen has countered this problem already by launching a backpack that incorporates tiny solar power beads in its fabric which can serve as a remote charging point for the gadgets.

“From afar, [the strap] appears to blend with the knit of the top lid. But a closer look reveals how light breaks on a beaded surface,” said the designer. “This magical material holds secret powers: each bead is a tiny spherical solar cell that is woven into the fabric, creating a unique energy harvesting textile.”

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The backpack is the result of the collaboration between Dongen and Eva de Laat, who helped in creating this stylish single knitted fabric for the product. The material was produced in Santoni research lab in Shanghai and different yarns were used to fabricate the material, making up its 3-dimensional design, before it was thrown into a data-driven knitting machine. The solar beads are incorporated in the bag strap which runs through the middle of the bag and the real surprise is, this makes the design highly functional yet not shabby at all.

backpack 3

backpack 1

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Images by: Ola Krondahl

Reference Link: Inhabitat

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