Catherine Nelson digitally edits hundreds of photographs to create stunning miniature worlds

”When I embraced the medium of photography, I felt that taking a picture that represented only what was within the frame of the lens wasn’t expressing my personal and inner experience of the world around me”, says Catherine Nelson, a photographer from Sydney who not only capture images with her camera, instead turn them into magnificent miniature worlds.

She digitally joins all the photographs together referring to herself as a painter who, unike one, loves playing with photos. “With the eye and training of a painter and with years of experience behind me in film visual effects, I began to take my photos to another level.”

About the queries relating to her work, for example, the resolution and scale of each piece, she has assured that every piece is entirely based on photographs and not even slightly made in 3D, except that she digitally edits them for assembling purpose. Each piece requires a month almost to complete and measures about 100×100 cm.

Regarding one of her works she tells us, “The ‘Future Memories’ series comprises of 20 floating worlds, meticulously composed with thousands of assembled details. Visual poetry, nature photography and digital techniques blend together to give shape to these transcendental landscapes. The result is a contemporary pictorial mythology that subtly reminds the viewer of a profound truth: that it is in the flourishing variety of the local that the fate of the world resides.”

Her works look incredibly fetching here yet if you want to have a thorough view then do visit Fotofever in Brussels or Galerie Paris-Beijing where many of her pieces are exhibited. Next display will be at Gallery NOW in Seoul and CONTEXT in Miami.

Cathernie Nelson Miniature World 1 Cathernie Nelson Miniature World 2 Cathernie Nelson Miniature World 3 Cathernie Nelson Miniature World 4 Cathernie Nelson Miniature World 5 Cathernie Nelson Miniature World 6 Cathernie Nelson Miniature World 7 Cathernie Nelson Miniature World 8 Cathernie Nelson Miniature World 9

All Images: © Catherine Nelson via Gallery Smith

h/t: Colossal

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