Candle Touch presents a bluetooth candle that you light up using your phone

Lighting up candles never seems to be much of a bother to anyone except for when maybe you want to light up a bunch of them every day, it could seem a little annoying. In that case, the Candle Touch is the perfect solution, since it’s an actual candle with a proper flame and wax that you can light up using your Bluetooth.

This gadget has a foundation that has a battery you can charge along with added technology. The body of the candle, like a standard candle has scented coconut wax that can be secured onto the bottom and it has cotton wick along the length of the body that is encompassed by wire coil. When a signal is sent through an app on your phone, the base area of the candle transmits electric current through the wire, raising its temperature and causing the wick to light up.

Bluetooth Candle 2

The application is able to function from the farthest distance being 60 feet with the help of a Bluetooth 5.0 and it is able to light up a maximum of ten candles at the same time. The user’s phone does have to be in an uninterrupted line of sight of the device and it can also be made to be password activated as to avoid unauthorized usage. After some time has passed, there are reminders set in place to blow the candle out.

This project is currently part of a Kickstarter campaign and if everything works out as planned, a pledge of about US$49 could buy you the Candle Touch. The intended price for retail of the product is set to be US$79 after which refills of the body can be purchased on the official website for this item.

All Images: © Candle Touch
h/t: New Atlas

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