Calin Stan captures scenic beauty of zigzagging Transylvanian roads in all four seasons

Calin, a photographer from Romania, Eastern Europe shares his Transylvania project of roads from above the sky.

Photography is a way of his life and “The Infinite Road to Transylvania” project helped him become a proud photographer for National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler Romania. The project took almost two years comprising of about 200 images with 20 roads in Romania; mostly the roads that take you to Transylvania.

We all are familiar with Transylvania and the legend of Dracula. According to his visualisation, in modern-day Transylvania Dracula would see old carriages being replaced with cars along with traffic and zigzag roads. Since there are not many highways in Romania, the roads leading to and inside Transylvania are a must watch because they are magnificent. These roads will soon be a memory only once the new highways are built. Therefore, Calin wishes to record these roads from an aerial view in all four seasons for the reason that they are quite distinctive and look excellent from above.

He made all the photos in this project with the help of a drone and because he likes to travel often, every trip for him is a drone-trip. Back in 2016, he took a picture from above DN1A road whilst he was travelling to Brasov which circulated rapidly on social media and that came out as a chance for him to continue it.

The Infinite Road to Transylvania project is the one he is best known for as this is something rare and striking. his purpose of sharing is to motivate us to follow our dreams and passion and for us to touch the sky.

All Images: © Calin Stan via Drone.ro

Calin Andrei Stan: Website | Instagram

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