Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs haul a truck with ease

Boston Dynamics robot are famous for their sophisticated technologies and the company has been developing a series of incredibly advanced robots over the years. The company announced in their traditional style that its SpotMini is off the production line through a video showing ten robot dogs pulling a truck effectively. The Spot Mini will soon hit the commercial market.

Boston Dynamics robot, SpotMini is a four-legged marvel designed to handle objects for different applications, can climb stairs, and can work efficiently in different environments of office, home, and outdoor settings. Standing at 2.6 feet tall, it weighs around 66 pounds and can carry about 31 pounds of weight. For ease in navigation and mobile manipulations, it has a 3D vision camera and a range of other sensors. The robot can work for up to 90 minutes.

The company has no commercial arm, and despite these incredible robots and innovations, the company has remained a research and development company. The SpotMini is developed for large scale production, and the commercial demand will be surely met when it hits the market.

As usual, the latest video revealed from Boston Dynamics does not provide a lot of information, but it for sure is to serve in the wild in the near future. The video demonstrates the potential and power of Boston Dynamics robot, SpotMini. Moreover, the exciting thing is that the ten robots were working together and showing their impressive pulling power. As per the description of the video, the company says “It only takes 10 Spotpower (SP) to haul a truck across the Boston Dynamics parking lot (~1 degree uphill, truck in neutral)”. It would be interesting to see as what commercial applications these robots will be best suited for.

The one more thing announced in the video is that the SpotMini is off the production line and will be soon available for a range of applications soon. The pricing will be revealed soon for the robot dog.

Source: Boston Dynamics (via: New Atlas)

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