The Best 3D House at Beverly Hills

Combining the contemporary concept and artistic style of architecture, the 3D house located at the summit of Beverly Hills, California is a splendid creation by Whipple Russell Architects which is as elegant from the inside as it looks from the outside.

Constructed in a naturally greenish area, this Summit House Residence offers a chic façade which is a combination of both glass and marble in its absolutely perfect proportion. Erected on two levels with impressing entrance stairs and spirally shaped stairways that lead to the second floor.

The Best 3D House at Beverly Hills

The Best 3D House at Beverly Hills (1)

The Best 3D House at Beverly Hills (2)

The Best 3D House at Beverly Hills (3)

Featuring Sofas from high quality materials, futuristic coffee tables and luxurious chandeliers, the interior looks neat and uncluttered. The large windows offer breath-taking views of the beauty that surrounds the house. Using solar power and water reclamation system makes it among the first houses on the Beverly Hills that can be marked as environment friendly.

The outdoor area has a pool, Jacuzzi and a romantic fireplace area nested near the pool with impressive solar lights setting the perfect environment to enjoy unforgettable nights with the family and friends.

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