Beeline Moto smart mountable compass makes navigation safer and simpler for riders

When you’re lost, all you want to see is an arrow in the right direction – correct? Well worry no more because the new and improvised ‘beeline moto’ is here to make your life much easier.

Back in 2015, a navigation device for cyclists was launched by the name ‘beeline’. This year, the developers have launched a new and improved version that offers full route guidance. It may not seem much but this device allows motorcyclists to easily and more importantly safely reach their destinations without getting confused by looking at intricate maps and instructions. All it does is simply display an arrow in the right direction! It comes with an app which is compatible with both iOS and Android, allowing users to effectively plan and track their routes. The best part is that the device works well in all weather conditions – unlike most display screens which become hard to see under direct sunlight.

Beeline Moto Compass 2

The company believes in giving out the simplest information in the easiest manner to cyclists in order to provide a stress-free, fun and safe experience. The beeline moto not only guides the rider turn by turn but is also water proof and has the ability to keep up with high speeds and vibrations. The co-founder of beeline, Mark Jenner, said “It was the simplicity of the navigation in our first product that captured people’s imagination. With beeline moto, we’ve focused on maintaining this level of excellence, while fulfilling the needs of motorcyclists. whereas the original cycling product simply pointed you at the end destination, like a compass, beeline moto gives the option of full route guidance. it still uses that clear arrow to follow but now steering you along a precise route, which can be set up in a few taps on the phone. Compass mode is still available for off-road riding.”

Beeline Moto Compass 3

As for the battery life, the beeline moto has a 350 mAh battery which can last for 30 hours on a single charge – which is pretty impressive. Moreover, the high-resolution screen has a backlight which automatically switches on at night. There are a variety of mounts available that attach the device to the bike’s handlebars or tank as well as a twist-lock system that allows the user to clip and unclip the device off the bike within seconds.

Beeline motor is currently available on Kickstart at a retail price of US $109. It comes with twin packs and additional mounts. There’s also a limited edition machined aluminium version up for sale!

Beeline Moto Compass 1

Fun fact: Beeline was able to meet its crowdfunding goal within ten hours of the launch – making beeline motor the fastest British Kickstarter project!

All Images: © Beeline Moto

h/t: Design Boom

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