Here’s why you should avoid using hand sanitizers!

Being a sanitization freak has definitely crossed the boundaries of hygiene concerns and has rather become a growing trend these days with hand sanitizers becoming a massive hit amongst the consumers. You might think it isn’t all that bad to become a hygiene freak, be it in the name of trend but that is exactly where we all go wrong.

We have declared a war against all microbes in the recent times to ensure 150% cleanliness and in doing so, we have become used to several antibacterial products without even knowing that there are many microbes that are not really a health hazard for anyone and ignore as mush as you want, some of them are even good for us, too. Yet, we are adamant to kill them all by overusing hand sanitizers.

Moreover, U.S. Food & Drug Administration and World Health Organization have openly taken an initiative to put an end to the growing antibacterial consumer goods as this over-protection is causing bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics. This alone results in 2 million patients in the U.S who are suffering from diseases that are untreatable by antibiotics and as many as 23000 patients eventually die from it.

Cherry on top, hand sanitizers themselves contain harmful chemicals such as triclosan which actively contributes to bacterial resistance or hormonal effects in the body in case of prolonged exposure.

To sum it all up, prevention is better than cure but it is important to take preventive measures when they are absolutely necessary to be taken.

h/t: Time

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