AutoBcon smart tracker automatically alerts your contacts in an emergency

A company based in Madrid, Spain has launched their mini smart tracker that can perform a variety of potentially life saving functions. The smart tracker comes in two forms; keychain and dashboard. The Keychain version is essentially a small panic button that can alert your emergency contact via a GPS notification. It also includes IFTTT technology that allows you to use and control IOT smart devices. 

With the push of a button, the police and your emergency contacts are notified via SMS, Voice Call, Push Notification and Email. It can connect to the smart appliances at home including lights, the door, TV and you can easily locate your things like your keys and your wallet. 


The dashboard version of this smart tracker can be fixed to your car dashboard and in the case of a vehicle crash, the emergency contacts are immediately notified potentially saving you from fatalities. With the dashboard autoBcon, you can also automatically  locate your parked vehicle, find parking spots and even be able to locate your stolen car. Just like the keychain version, this dashboard smart tracker is also integrated with IFTTT technology to control and use other smart devices. 

The setup for the autoBcon is also pretty easy. Fix the device to your vehicle and activate it. Then sync your mobile including your contacts with the device. Press the button to be able to receive alerts and view the location of the smart tracker on the map.

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The device is compatible with all kinds of vehicles including cars, vans, motorbikes and bicycles. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy Technology and obtains its energy from the CR2032 coin cell battery that can last up to two years. Its NXP 3 axis accelerometer is able to detect sharp acceleration and deceleration and all kinds of sudden movements like shock, vibration, fall, tilt, shake which helps it to identify an accident. It is also equipped with an antenna of 2.45 Hz, a Loud Buzzer of 85 dBm and a switch button. 

The smart tracker has an algorithm that ensures no false alarms are sent and the accelerometer chip allows an extremely fast response. It has a long battery life, a long bluetooth range, does not require mobile network service and works anywhere in the world. The device also stores your last known location and can work without running the app.

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Although the autoBcon uses a 3 axis accelerometer that ensures that a notification or an alert is only sent in the case of an emergency, it also includes a system that lets you deactivate the trigger within a matter of 10 seconds in case of a false alarm.

For easy fixing on your dashboard, the smart tracker includes a 3M double sided adhesive strip. The app for the device is available for both android and iOS. The keychain version allows you to press the button for a matter of 2 seconds so it can send out an alert to your emergency contacts. The contacts will have to download the app in order to access your location and take remedial measures. 

In order to be able to use the smart tracker, all you need to do is attach it to your keychain  and set up the application on your mobile phone and you’re good to go! 

IFTTT is a software that works by triggering a chain of responses once one of the alerts is sent out. With one touch of a button, you can turn on the light and find parking. The parking spot is located using geopositioning and crowdsourcing and the user is notified about an available space. 

You can also locate your parked car with much ease! Once our car is parked, the smart tracker device will secure and save the GPS position of the car without the need to activate the application. If you are unable to remember where you parked your car, you can turn on the application and easily find out. 

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Attach the autoBcon to your vehicle hiding it from plain sight and activate it. In case your vehicle is stolen, you can send out an alert to the autoBcon community and they can help track your lost/stolen car by finding out its possible location. 

The autoBcon smart tracker keychain can be purchased for only $9 while the autoBcon Dashboard can be bought for just $16. With an over the top, efficient system and a long lasting battery life, this smart tracker is bound to come in handy. Progress on the software and hardware is almost 70% complete and it is all set to be dispatched to backers by September 2020.

All images: autoBcon via Indiegogo

Source: Indiegogo

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