Australian photographer captures the rare beauty of Namibia through aerial shots

Most of us would be completely clueless if asked to photograph a desert however, Australian photographer Leah Kennedy finds such a topography incredibly appealing. The photographer has built her portfolio by capturing Namibia’s dry, rare yet colourful landscape. What’s interesting is that she chose to photograph the area from an aerial perspective by traveling on a Cessna light aircraft or on a helicopter. Needless to say, aerial photography did complete justice to the landscape by bringing out the hidden abstract beauty of the desert topography.

Kennedy says, “The resulting images are, at least temporarily, removed from their reality they take on different forms and in some cases appear to be of microscopic origins or reminiscent of something else entirely. This ambiguity and departure from reality is what intrigues and inspires my work.”

nambia 8

nambia 3

nambia 4

nambia 6

nambia 5

nambia 10

nambia 1

nambia 7

nambia 9

All Images: © Leah Kennedy

Leah Kennedy:  Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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