Artist turns famous landmarks into whimsical pieces of art with his paper cutouts

Travelling sure is a wonderful passion to have but it often becomes quite unimaginative when you have seen everything there is to see already on social media. However, Rich McCor, an English artist and photographer, does not let his imagination to get affected by whatever goes on the social media instead, he makes sure to add an extremely creative and whimsical touch to the monuments that have become too familiar otherwise.

The artist prints out pictures of the cities that he plans to visit way before the travelling actually starts. McCor then doodles all the ideas that come to his head in an instance and then goes on to make paper cutouts based on his sketches and doodles. The quirky paper cutouts completely change the perspective of the monuments and we guarantee you that you’d like this perspective way more than the one you might have had before viewing these pictures!

cutouts 21

cutouts 8

cutouts 16

cutouts 25

cutouts 19

cutouts 2

cutouts 14

cutouts 9

cutouts 5

cutouts 6

cutouts 3

cutouts 26

cutouts 13

cutouts 11

cutouts 4

cutouts 17

cutouts 10

cutouts 12

cutouts 18

cutouts 24

cutouts 15

cutouts 27

cutouts 1

cutouts 23

cutouts 7

cutouts 22

Images: Rich McCor

h/t: Bored Panda

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