Artist Turns Classical Parisian Courtyard into a Vibrant Contemporary Installation

If there is one person who can dare to turn the most classical of all the buildings into a contemporary art installation for a fashion week, without causing irreversible damages, then it is surely artist Liz West. West simply arranged 169 glowing neon bowls on the floor of the courtyard of Paris’ Museum Nissim de Camondo to create an outstanding impact. The installation was created for the fashion brand, Nemozena. The artist explained why she particularly incorporated bowls in this installation, ‘The decision to use bowls was to reflect the stunning architecture in a concave surface. They also double as rain catchers, with the water creating yet another reflective surface for people to view their surroundings. The lens of our eye sees the work in so many different ways, the colour, light, architecture and material work together to create a sensory experience.’

bowls 5

bowls 4

bowls 8

bowls 7

bowls 2

bowls 9

bowls 3

bowls 1

All Images: © Liz West

h/t: The Spaces

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