Artist recreates beautiful sunsets and clouds with embroidery thread

There is nothing in the world that the man doesn’t have the capability to reproduce and this time Russian embroidery artist Vera Shimunia is the one who has proved it by recreating sunsets and clouds in her embroidery. Of course, the scale of the nature and embroidery differs significantly but you will feel that the soul remains the same. Shimunia makes beautifully rainbow hued sunsets and fluffy clouds on small embroidery hoops with vibrant textured threads. The self-taught artist distinguishes each landscape by using different styles of stitching and knotting techniques so that no two pieces seem alike. Check out her work right here and you can always follow her on Instagram to stay updated!

embroidery 2

embroidery 3

embroidery 8

embroidery 7

embroidery 4

embroidery 5

embroidery 6

embroidery 9

embroidery 10

Images: © Shimunia

h/t: Colossal

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