Artist creates awareness regarding colour blindness through his Thought-Provoking photographs

Art has always been a strong medium to create empathy in the world because it subtly conveys the struggles people go through each day and how they get by with different disorders that they encounter. Davide Sasso is one of such young artists who understand the importance of art in this perspective and hence, has dedicated his photography project to raise awareness regarding a unique colour blindness disorder, Tritanopia.

People who have Tritanopia cannot respond to blue colour and hence are unable to differentiate blue from green. This colour blindness arises from the lack of cone cells containing opsins in the retina, as opsin is the element that makes the eye react to the blue colour. Sasso has captured many places such as, Three Peaks of Lavaredo, Florence, Lake of Braies and then have digitally manipulated them so that general awareness is created amongst the people about this rare disease.

colour blind 1

colour blind 2

colour blind 3

colour blind 4

colour blind 5

colour blind 6

colour blind 7

colour blind 8

colour blind 9

colour blind 10

colour blind 11

colour blind 12

colour blind 13

colour blind 14

colour blind 15

colour blind 16

colour blind 17

Images: Davide Sasso

Source: Bored Panda

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