Archon wireless charger can charge your phone through the table

In the past, we have seen a lot of wireless chargers embedded in desks, which allowed you to charge your mobile phones by just putting it down on the top of the table. Though it is a sleek way of hiding your charger and for that, you had to buy custom-made furniture that is fitted with specialized hardware. Archon, a startup, wants to change that.

The device is known as an invisible wireless charger, which can be attached to tabletops and underside of desks, allowing any compatible gadget to charge wirelessly when you set it down on the actual table. It means, the wireless charger can be kept away from the sight and any tablet, mobile gadgets, or phones can be charged by putting them down right in line with where the charger is installed beneath.

Archon Wireless Charger 4

It is not clear until now that how the Archon will be mounted on the table, but we can make an educated guess that it will use an adhesive backing since using screws and drilling into tables seems a bad idea. Except for metal, it can charge through any surface. It is compatible with fixtures and furniture that you are likely to have at home, which means it can be installed in any tabletop made from granite, plastic, wood, glass, and quartz.

Archon Wireless Charger 3

Currently, two models of Archon are available: Archon 25 mm and Archon 35 mm, with the former able to charge mobile phones through tabletops that measure 0.98 inches (25 mm) thick and the latter can do it for up to 1.4 inches (35 mm) of thickness. Also, the Archon can even charge the phone if it is wrapped in its case.

Archon Wireless Charger 2

All the devices that are compatible with Qi wireless chargers can work with this charger, which means that it should work without any issues with the current crop of wireless charging devices. It supports fast charging with an output of up to 10W, thus reducing the usual charging times. The most amazing features of such chargers are that you can charge your devices without any clutter on your desk, allowing you to be organized and keep your table clean without the ugly charging cables.

Archon Wireless Charger 1

The Archon was listed on Kickstarter for funding. Their target was to raise US$75,000, but they exceeded it and collected almost US$111,000. The retail price of the Archon 25mm will be $US79, and the Archon 35mm will cost US$99. The delivery is estimated to be in May 2019 for the early pledgers who availed the opportunity to buy Archon at a lower price.

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