Architects transform age-old underground caves into an exotic hotel

There was a time when caves used to be the safe dwellings for humans but it is safe to assume that these caves were not really the most comfortable places to live in. However, with recent developments in this time, even the caves have been turned into lavish hotels so that the residents enjoy being modern cavemen in style.

cave 4

cave 2

cave 1

The historic town of Matera, Italy is filled with underground dwellings and Manca Studio has successfully transformed 300 square meters of these spaces into a heritage hotel. The UNESCO World Heritage site now consists of four suites, a common room and a spa for the La Dimora di Metello Hotel and this addition has given a fresh twist to the caves belonging to the ancient Paleolithic era.

cave 10

cave 9

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The texture of the cave walls was replicated on the new walls by using the porous volcanic rock, Tuff and plaster while the use of neutral coloured fabric and wooden details give the suites a modern touch hence the hotel looks like the perfect combination of conventional and contemporary architecture.

cave 7

cave 6

cave 5

Images: © Pierangelo Laterza

h/t: Inhabitat

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