Aprilli Design Studio envisions a tiny hotel suite on wheels for long haul travel

The future of travel seems bright thanks to the transport industry and designers who are working hard to elevate the comfort of people during their commutes. Toronto-based, Aprilli is one of the design studios that envisions renovating transportation into a means of relaxation and leisure.

To achieve this, Aprilli recently developed its grand autonomous four-wheeler that packs all the facilities of a hotel suite. This bed on wheels includes a sleeping area, working and washroom spaces and an ambiance fit for relaxation during long hauls. The suite will also provide door-to-door transportation so you won’t have to go through the hassle of carrying your luggage all the way to a pick up stop.

Autonomous Hotel Suite On Wheels 1

The innovative idea was also awarded this year’s Radical Innovations grand prize thanks to the amenities provided as well as the functionality of the vehicle. In order to book the service, riders simply have to download an online app and enter their destination as well as any other stops in between. The vehicle will then navigate the best possible route and contact facilities nearby to make the stopovers more convenient. Furthermore, the Suite is able to self-monitor and vary its indoor environment such as the temperature and lighting to make it ideal for the rider’s requirement.

Autonomous Hotel Suite On Wheels 3

This hotel room on wheels would be a part of a bigger autonomous hotel chain comprising of numerous facilities and additional amenities according to the passenger’s needs. This could include food and beverage services, meeting rooms, spa, pool and gym facilities and even housekeeping as well as maintenance services! The traveller can book each service exclusively and the hotel could even provide unmanned service vehicles in case the autonomous facility runs low on battery or requires room service. It would also offer parent units for individual travel suites to attach to in order to create an array of units.

Autonomous Hotel Suite On Wheels 2

“Passengers need a real space with washrooms, beds, desks, windows and natural light, which is why the fancy new autonomous car designs, will simply not work for long distance travels”, the studio explains. “The autonomous travel suite is a specialized hospitality-serviced mobile room, not a car. It is a platform hosting new technologies and hospitality services that can make travel more convenient and meaningful”.

Autonomous Hotel Suite On Wheels 4

If successful, the autonomous hotel facility could provide a tough competition to hotels and vehicles. However, there are still loopholes that the creators need to figure out, and even if the idea doesn’t come together immediately, at least we know what the future of travel holds for us.

All Images: Courtesy of Radical Innovation Awards

h/t: Curbed

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