20 Most Popular iPhone Apps of 2017 Announced by Apple

2017 has all been about technological advancements and the app craze has topped the technology related aspects. The various kinds of mobile applications have made our lives easier as well as more interesting with their attention grabbing ideas. Hence, to pay acknowledgement to involvement, need and role of these applications in our daily lives, Apple has released its list of the most used apps in iPhone for the year 2017. These applications have been chosen as they have been consistently topped the free apps chart available in the App Store.

Scroll down to see if you have been one of the many users of these popular apps!

20. Lyft

Image: Lyft

19. Google Chrome

Image: Google

18. Twitter

Image: Twitter

17. WhatsApp

Image: WhatsApp

16. Pandora

Image: Pandora

15. Uber

Image: Uber

14. Netflix

Image: Netflix

13. Facebook

Image: Facebook

12. Messenger

Image: Facebook

11. Snapchat

Image: Snap

10. Waze

Image: Waze

9. SoundCloud

Image: SoundCloud

8. Wish

Image: Wish

7. Amazon

Image: Amazon

6. Gmail

Image: Google

5. Spotify

Image: iTunes

4. Google Maps

Image: Google

3. Instagram

Image: Instagram

2. YouTube

Image: YouTube

1. Bitmoji

Image: Bitmoji

Source: Apple

h/t: Business Insider

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