Anuar Patjane captures the underwater realm in all its glory

We rarely get curious about life that exists under the surface and even if we do, it is not really convenient to dive underwater to experience things as they are. This is primarily the reason why Mexican photographer and anthropologist Anuar Patjane has made his career about taking interesting black and white shots of everything that goes on underwater and in doing so, he hopes to establish a strong connection between the underwater creatures and humans so that we all empathize and act responsibly towards them.

The artist explained the vision behind his Underwater Realm series in a statement, “With the series, I try to drive our attention towards the beauty of our oceans as a truth usually unnoticed: We are brutally overfishing in our oceans, and our attention should be concentrated on the way we fish, as well as what we eat from the ocean. We see and care when a forest is gone because it is visible to everybody, but we don’t see when we destroy life underwater.”

underwater 11

underwater 5

underwater 4

underwater 2

underwater 8

underwater 13

underwater 6

underwater 9

underwater 10

underwater 1

underwater 7

underwater 3

underwater 14

Images: © Anuar Patjane

h/t: Colossal

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