Alan Sailer clicks stunning long exposure shots of sparky fireworks

Ask anyone who loves fireworks and they would tell you how they wish those colourful sparks up in the sky could stay for a little longer, no matter for how they have been going on. However, we all can stay starry eyed for way longer than the fireworks have gone off by looking at photographer Alan Sailer’s enchanting long exposure shots of fireworks.

Regarding his photography technique, Sailer stated, “It was more difficult than I expected, but with practice I started getting the idea. Basically, you pull focus while the firework is going off. I think it might be easier if I used a lens that didn’t have ultrasonic focus. You could then make a home-brew stop to keep the lens in the range of focus that gives best results.”

Camarillo Fireworks

Camarillo Fireworks

Camarillo Fireworks

Camarillo Fireworks


Smog Monster

Blue Bomba

Lavender Crown

Scarlet Chandelier

Mix Mess

Magenta and White


Images: © Alan Sailer

h/t: My Modern Met

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