AI-powered robotic lawyer DoNotPay lets you sue anyone

Suing someone has never been easier, thanks to the DoNotPay app, which is an online robot lawyer that allows anyone claim their rights anywhere in the U.S, U.K. and Canada! This AI-Powered counselor focuses on enabling people to challenge large corporations and complex bureaucracies when they interfere with their basic priveleges.

Joshua Browder initially created DoNotPay to get out of the numerous parking tickets he would receive when he was 18. However, after a couple of years, service that was only available on its website, is now a widely accessible iOS app that provides complex legal consultation for all kinds of issues such as volatile air prices, data breaches, late package deliveries and unfair bank fees.

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So how can actually sue someone through the app? Well, the chatbot starts by asking you questions related to your predicament and interrogates about the company or organization you’d like to do. After gathering the information, the app will draft documents that you will submit to the courthouse in order to become a plaintiff. If the court asks you to meet them in person, the app will also draw up a script for you to read from!

What’s even more amazing is that the app is completely free of cost and you can keep the entire monetary benefit that the court provides! However, Browder does plan to start charging for more specialized and demanding legal cases sometime in the future.

Thanks to DoNotPay, a huge underlying issue with the justice system has been recognized i.e. the amount of protection provided by the law doesn’t matter if the people aren’t aware of it. Most of the times we are unaware of the rights we have, which is why we end up being exploited. However, DoNotPay tries to eradicate the problem in numerous ways by not only providing legal consultation but also educating people about their basic human rights.

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