Adaptive mirror, Lucy spreads natural sunlight to every corner of your house

Even if you don’t have OCD, uneven lighting in your house will haunt you till sunset. I mean, some rooms are so dark during the day that you have to turn the lights on. Imagine if you could pull the sun right outside every window just so to ensure that your house is well-lit. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do that because of the 149.6-million-kilometer distance between you and the Sun. But don’t worry, there’s a new adaptive mirror that dissipates sunlight to every corner of the house!

Lucy Adaptive Mirror

Named Lucy, the solar mirror is designed by an Italian designer Diva Tommei. According to her, the mirror sends light onto the ceiling which then scatters into all directions hence creating a glow effect rather than a beam effect. Lucy is a wireless mirror surrounded by a transparent sphere which has the ability to illuminate a room with seven thousand lumens of light which is much more than the average five thousand lumens required to illuminate a 250-square-foot room. To better understand the capabilities of this mirror, let us first learn that a regular 60 Watt LED light bulb is 800 lumens.


Lucy Adaptive Mirror 1 1


Lucy Adaptive Mirror 2 1

Moreover, it can also be used outdoors since it is easy to carry due to its almost-negligible weight i.e. five pounds. The coolest part about this mirror is that it is both smart and self-reliant. It lights up in the morning and automatically shuts down at night when there’s no more sunlight left to scatter. Lucy comes with an app as well which allows the users to see how much energy they are saving and also provides tips and tricks to better illuminate their homes.

Even though the concept failed to gather enough funding on Kickstarter a couple of years ago, it is now available for preorder for only $199!

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