A Pakistani clothing brand launched seed infused, biodegradable shopping bags to help plant trees

While most of the popular Pakistani clothing brands such as Khaadi and Beechtree are trying to outdo each other by creating the most aesthetically pleasing shopping bags, another Pakistani clothing brand Sapphire has taken the competition to a whole new level. You might now be picturing a bag with a beautiful exotic bird in vibrant colours but you’re way off – don’t worry, no one saw this coming!

Sapphire is the first store in Pakistan that has come up with the unique idea of embedding seeds into its shopping bag allowing their customers to shop guilt-free!

You can now convert your Sapphire shopping bag into a tree! How? All you need to do is go to their store, shop (the best part!), tear the paper bag into small pieces, dig a 2-inch deep hole in the ground, throw the pieces in and water at regular intervals! How convenient and exciting, right?

This small initiative will create a massive impact as it will not only inspire all other competitors to adopt a more sustainable approach but will also help everyone play their part in fighting climate change. Moreover, it will reduce the amount of waste produced as these bags are not only biodegradable but have the ability to turn into trees! This reflects sustainable consumption and production as you’re essentially giving back to the environment for every tree that is cut down in order to create these bags.

We desperately needed such an initiative because it has given an easy and safe alternate to plastic bags. Did you know that 160,000 plastic bags are used globally every second? Or that plastic starts to degrade after 700 years and fully degrades in 1000 years? This means that all the plastic that has ever been produced has not even degraded yet. Unfortunately, all this plastic waste is ultimately dumped into oceans and seas where it threatens the survival of aquatic life. Thus it is high time we completely boycott the use of plastic bags and shift towards such environmentally friendly options.

We thank Sapphire for stepping out of their comfort zone, looking at the bigger picture and using their influence to create a positive impact. Ladies (and gentlemen), you finally have a solid reason to shop – so go and play your part in saving the environment while looking fabulous!

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