18-year-old artist creates surreal compositions with mundane objects

While we expect art to be thought-provoking in the matter of depicting harsh realities of life to us, sometimes it is okay to let it provide us an escape from the rigorous routine that we have caged ourselves into. Luisa Azevedo , a Lisbon-based artist does just that with her clever yet surrealistic compositions that makes up her photographs. The college student beautifully places her subject matter, while also focusing on the subtle colour transitions, perfect gradients and colour palettes so that her compositions can fade into the dreamy fields.

The 18 year-old uses mundane things in her photographs but her placement, pastel and muted colour themes as well as clean aesthetics cause these ordinary objects to look like an escape route to the artist’s imagination. Her work will make you feel light and will let you drift into a happy dream.

Images: Luisa Azvedo

h/t: My Modern Met

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