This solar powered tiny house on wheels is a perfect example of sustainable living

We all wished to live in an RV at some point in our lives, right? But our parents put away all our thoughts and fantasies simply by highlighting the ‘impracticality’ of it.  Well, the all new ‘solar home’ can be considered as the perfect hybrid of an RV and a typical American house!

Wondering how? The Solar Home is a house on wheels – literally. Designed by a team of students from Sacramento State called Sol Vespiade, the solar home is a tiny self-sustaining home that reflects the future of sustainable living. It is a 400-square-foot home that is a powerhouse of energy generation as well so you don’t have to worry about living close to an energy grid.

Sol Vespiade Tiny House on Wheels 11 Sol Vespiade Tiny House on Wheels 2

As for the exterior, the tiny home Is pastel colored with cedar trim in order to resemble traditional American wooden homes. However, that is all that this house has in common with conventional houses. The incorporation of solar panels on the roof as well as on the front for electricity generation give the house a modernized look. In addition to this, there is an evacuated tube solar collector at the back of the house which converts sunlight into heat for water. A rigid steel structure protects the system when on the go. To meet the water demand, a rainwater collection tank with a capacity of 40 gallons is fixed on the left side of the house.

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It might sound absurd but you won’t feel any different while entering the house since there are two wide French doors that swing out to welcome you in. The lounge is adequately ventilated due to the glass doors and a large bay window. And overall, the house is well-lit due to the multiple windows that also keep the indoor temperature comfortable.

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Coming towards the interior design, the house has teal colored walls with honey-toned wooden flooring and shelving. There are wooden stairs too that lead to a tiny sleeping loft. In order to store the energy and water, there are eight 6 watt deep-cycle batteries and a 20-gallon water tank respectively, and to monitor the electricity and water consumption, there is a mechanical well located in the corner of the loft!

Sol Vespiade Tiny House on Wheels 4 Sol Vespiade Tiny House on Wheels 10

If you are interested in seeing this solar home, keep yourself updated with Sacramento’s SMUD Tiny House Competition as the team will be showcasing their product there! We hope this team wins because this home gives hope to those who are devoid of basic necessities such as water and electricity.

All Images: © Mike Chino via Inhabitat

h/t: Inhabitat

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