‘SpotMini’, Boston Dynamics’ newest robot opens door like no big deal!

If you are into robots, you must be following Boston Dynamics religiously – if not, are you really a fan?

The semi-monthly notifications consisting of short videos of SoftBank-owned company’s robots have the potential to make you cry or smile! A recent video of SpotMini – a dog-like quadruped – opening and holding doors will blow your mind away.

Now, you may not find the concept of robots opening doors new but the way this SpotMini opens the door and holds it for its fellow arm-less friend to pass through will make you want to pet it for being a good boy. It has the ability to identify and operate a door handle meticulously.

Many, including you, might view this progress as a step towards self-destruction since a very popular school of thought discourages the empowerment of robots – believing that robots might take over the world one day. However, even if you are one of them, do not worry too much as not all doors are easy to open, at least in the real world!

h/t: The Verge

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