Here is how life would look like in 2022 as predicted by IBM

We are all very curious to know about the future, aren’t we? Will there be flying cars? Will people from Earth be shifting to Mars? Will scientists play around with genes to give humans actual superpowers?

People at IBM have been wondering the same, and so they have tried to predict what the year 2022 will be like. Are you ready to known about this ‘5 in 5’ list which suggests five colossal technological advancements that are likely to take place in the next five years? Yes? Thought so!

Let’s begin, shall we?

1. AI will comprehend our mental state

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new black! I mean, the whole world seems to be working on it so it’s not surprising that it will be the future. Right now, the AI is pretty dumb; it can beat you at chess using a fancy decision-making logic tree but that’s about it. IBM’s talking about a ‘smart AI’, AI that can comprehend emotions, and hold real conversations – no different than a human being. It proposes that AI will be able to process writing and speech patterns so quickly that it’ll be able to conclude our mental state. Regular smartphone apps will be able to listen to our conversations and estimate when possible degenerative neurological disorders are negatively impacting our cognition.

2. AI powered devices will empower humans with superhero vision

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AI will empower humans with superhero vision! Okay, don’t expect Superman’s ability to ‘laser’ everything – it’s more like Iron Man’s vision to see things beyond, minus the fancy J.A.R.V.I.S. Maybe you’re still expecting A LOT, so let me just get to it. If you’re driving in fog, the AI would immediately recognize it and switch to a wavelength of light that would pass through it, allowing you to see clearly – that’s still pretty cool okay?!

3. Macroscopes!

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The name refers to being able to see things on a grand scale. We all know that thousands of satellites orbit the Earth – we’ve even mistaken some for shooting stars too sadly – that show us hurricane locations, criminal activity, crop yields etc. IBM has predicted that all this data will be merged to an extent that analysis of interconnected phenomenon such as climate change will become more accurate and efficient than ever before!

4. Labs on a chip!

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Mother of all FitBits – labs on a chip! These are small devices that can fit into the palm of your hand and detect various conditions and illnesses. With a simple tap on the screen, you will be able to check your health stats, and if these chips are connected to the health service, then your local GP will be warned if anything dangerous is detected – thus saving your life!

5. Smart Sensors

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Lastly, IBM predicted that there will be smart sensors that will be able to detect temperature changes, poisonous gas leaks etc. In five years, new, affordable sensing technologies deployed near natural gas extraction wells, around storage facilities, and along distribution pipelines will enable the industry to pinpoint invisible leaks in real-time.

All of these predicted technological advancements seem pretty realistic, and IBM has rarely ever gone wrong. So get used to it you all because it’s only a matter of five years till we actually get to see them in their physical form!

Source: IBM

h/t: Science Alert

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