Volvo’s reflective Life Paint makes it easier to spot cyclists in the dark

Volvo has always been known for making the best of cars which are driver friendly and highly safe. However, their new interest in cyclist safety took quite an interesting turn. So for all the cyclists out there concerned about riding in the night -when drivers can’t see you-, Volvo has found just the right solution for you and it’s as low-tech as it can get.

With about 19000 cyclists getting injured on UKs roads annually, Volvo came up with a simple reflective spray called “life paint”. Confused? Then keep on reading!

Volvo Life Paint 1

Originally transparent on spraying it on, the light paint contains light reflecting particles. When exposed to the glare of a vehicle’s headlights, the surfaces coated with this paint become highly visible to the driver which enables them to avoid the cyclist. Another notable point to discuss is that this spray paint is completely invisible during day time meaning your clothes and cycle won’t look anything out of the ordinary!

Volvo Life Paint

So wondering what happens to your clothes when you spray it on? Well, nothing happens to them! It doesn’t even minutely affect the color of anything that you spray it on. Moreover, it can be easily washed off and lasts up to one week when you don’t! And even if you don’t want to spray it on your clothes, the light reflective spray is also available for wood, metals and plastic which means that you simply spray it on your bike and get riding!

Volvo Life Paint 2

Starting at a hefty $66, Volvo’s marketing strategy has aimed to prove that the product is worth its price. Their advertisements aim to gain the trust of a potential buyers in order to encourage them to buy the spray for their own safety. Different campaigns include making a movie in which various accident survivors are interviewed, creating a website which shows how many people buy their product and creating billboards sprayed with light paint which reflect when you take a picture.

Volvos efforts for cyclist safety are certainly commendable. It gives the buyer little reason not to test the product out. So what are you waiting for?

h/t: Daily Mail

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